McDonald’s new campaign is leaving customers speechless

Who’s on Top? – May 7-13, 2018

The week of May 7 saw a 12% decrease in spend on new national TV ads compared to the previous week. Advertisers spent a total of $840 million on national TV, with $119 million (14%) dedicated to new commercials. After being knocked down a peg last week by the Kentucky Derby, the NBA playoffs took back the number one spot for placement of new ad dollars. Basketball games brought in $5 million in new ad revenue, and $21 million overall for national TV.

Creative Spotlight

McDonald’s is upping the ante in its burger battle with Wendy’s with its latest menu item. In its new campaign, “Speechless,” the golden arches leaves flash frozen beef behind in favor of fresh beef for the Quarter Pounder.

In a set of new ads released this week, customers indulging in the new fresh beef Quarter Pounder are left without words when celebrities like Gabrielle Union, John Goodman and Charles Barkley step in to speak for them. McDonald’s also released a Spanish version of the ad featuring Luis Fonsi of “Despacito” fame. The overall consensus? They’re so good, they’ll leave you speechless.

In the campaign’s first week, McDonald’s spent $8.5 million on national TV with the ads running more than 1,500 times on broadcast and cable networks in both English and Spanish.





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