Apple bets on the World Cup

Who’s on Top? – June 11-17, 2018

Spend on national TV reached $967 million the week of June 11th, a minimal increase from the previous week despite airings of big ticket events like the U.S. Open Golf Championship and FIFA World Cup tournament. Spend on new advertising had a similar increase, reaching $154 million.

The U.S. Open was the big winner for overall advertising revenue, with advertisers spending $106 million on ad time. Because the World Cup has limited commercial breaks, the initial games of the tournament brought in just over half that with $56 million in revenue. Both sporting events fared relatively equally however when it came to spend on new advertising, with golf and soccer bringing in $26 million and $24 million respectively.

Creative Spotlight

In the spirit of the World Cup, Apple naturally released a soccer themed ad showing off the camera functions of its iPhone X. The company spent $4.7 million on airing the new commercial, which shows different ways to shoot photos and videos of soccer and directs viewers to a website with “how to” tips.


Apple placed $2.6 million of its overall TV budget for the week during the World Cup, ranking it the number 5 advertiser overall for spend during tournament, lagging behind Verizon (1), Sprint (2), Ford (3) and McDonald’s (4).

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