World Cup advertisers make a play to reach the Hispanic market

Who’s on Top? – June 25-July 1, 2018

As World Cup games play on, the tournament continues to be a boon to TV ad revenue. Soccer matches were responsible for $138 million in ad spend during the week of June 25, including $16 million for new advertising. Overall, advertisers spent a total of $1 billion on national TV for the week, an increase of 11% from the week prior. New commercials saw an even bigger uptick, increasing 33% to reach $129 million.

Creative Spotlight

With the World Cup front and center, brands have been investing in targeting the Hispanic soccer fan base. Indeed, we have been seeing higher levels of new ad dollars being allocated to Spanish Language Network TV since the tournament began. This week, 13% of new spend was placed with SLN TV, versus less than 5% during a typical week.

Two of our top advertisers this week spent big on Spanish language soccer themed commercials to reach this consumer segment. Sprint used 99% of its new ad dollars on three Spanish language commercials, while Geico spent 52% of its budget on a single Spanish language ad. 





While these two advertiser spent big, only one of them ranked in the top five World Cup advertisers for the week. The top advertisers this week for overall TV spend during tournament were Volkswagen (1), McDonald’s (2), Sprint (3), Apple (4) and Ford (5).

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