Automotive advertisers heat up TV screens

Who’s on Top? – July 9-15, 2018

Advertising spend on national TV was relatively flat during the week of July 9 compared to the previous week, reaching $889 million. However, spend on new ads saw a decline of 9% during this time period reaching $132 million for the week.


Creative Spotlight

Chevrolet and Ford went head-to-head this week, each spending similar amounts on new TV spots, however the auto-makers took different strategies with their advertising.

Chevrolet released a new commercial as part of its ongoing “Real People” campaign. In the ad, real Chevy drivers attend a focus group to discuss what they look for in a vehicle, only to find out the Chevy’s they already own have won awards for delivering on the exact qualities they are looking for.


Ford on the other hand stuck to the seasonal calendar, advertising its annual summer sales event in order to move cars off the lot in anticipation of new model year releases in the fall. The commercials promoted different vehicle models, premium features and affordable financing options.


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