New advertising is on the menu for McDonald’s

Who’s on Top? – August 6-12, 2018

Advertisers spent $871 million on national TV placements during the week ending August 12, 2018, including $107 million on releasing new commercials. Overall spend was flat compared to the previous week, but the release of new creative lagged, with spend on this portion dropping by 22%.

Creative Spotlight

New deals were on the menu at McDonald’s this week – and with that comes new ads.

Looking for fresh ways to bring in customers, McDonald’s launched its “2 for $5 Mix and Match Deal” on August 6, a value meal focused on popular menu items. The company spent most of its total national TV budget for the week on commercials promoting the new offer, with the creative focused on one thing – the food.


While McDonald’s ran some targeted spots promoting the deal on a local level, the emphasis has been on the national campaign. Indeed, McDonald's has long advertised on both local and national TV, but the company recently announced it would be concentrating more on national offerings.

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