McDonald’s introduces new product and new ad campaign

Who’s on Top? – October 2-8, 2017

Advertisers spent $109 million on new broadcast placements last week, a decrease of 19 percent from the previous week. Almost half of all new spend ($48 million) was placed during the primetime hours. And in a continuing trend, NFL games accounted for the largest share of spend for the week – 21 percent. Advertisers spent $23 million to air new ads during professional football games.

Creative Spotlight

McDonald’s introduced buttermilk chicken tenders to its menu and with it came a new advertising campaign. The chain spent the total of its $8.4 million budget on promoting the product this week.

The new campaign features grandmothers embracing the new menu item that they can pass off as their own – because who has time to cook? Not these grandmas. They have better things to do like swipe through dating apps, do stand-up comedy and get poolside massages.



The ads first appeared on October 2 and have been in heavy rotation during NFL games, reality programming and sitcoms. So far, they have aired nationally 1,298 times.

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