Geico and Progressive go head-to-head as top spending advertisers for the week

Who’s on Top? – October 23-29, 2017

New national TV ad expenditures decreased 26 percent during the week on October 23, returning to average levels after a surge in spend the previous week. Spend for the week reached $105 million which was comprised of spend from 615 advertisers. NFL games made up the largest chunk of spend, accounting for 28 percent of expenditures.

Creative Spotlight

Insurance giants Geico and Progressive led the way for new advertising this week. The two competitors went head-to-head promoting savings. They each invested comparable sums of money to place their new ads, and much of the spending from both advertisers was allocated towards NFL games (46% from Geico; 30% from Progressive).

Geico won the week for spend, surpassing its competitor by a small margin. The company released a new ad as part of its “It’s not surprising” campaign. The spot features a Buckingham Palace guard showing up for the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony dressed in an exaggerated form of casual Friday attire while the announcer states “Casual Friday’s at Buckingham Palace? Surprising. What’s not surprising? How much money Nathan saved by switching to Geico.”


While Geico won the week for spend, Progressive won the week for frequency, airing its new ad 1,186 times, versus only 830 occurrences for Geico. Progressive’s commercial was a comedic take on consumers turning into their parents with men and women meeting at a “Dad Support Group.” They discuss their grievances, giving examples of how they are turning into mom and dad, with one attendee stating that at least he “bundled home and auto on an internet website –”


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