Progressive Box tries acting cool to sell auto insurance in new ad

Who’s on Top? – July 24 - 30, 2017

During the week of July 24th, 440 advertisers spent $76 million placing new creative on national TV, down 11 percent from the previous week. Though new creative expenditures were down, total ad expenditures saw a gain of $28 million, reaching $858 million from 2053 advertisers overall. The leading programs for new creatives were AMC’s Preacher, which brought in $2.9 million of expenditures, followed by CNN Tonight with Don Lemon ($1.5 million) and America’s Got Talent ($1.2 million).

Creative Spotlight

Progressive used all of its new creative budget this week on a single ad featuring the Progressive Box, voiced by actor Chris Parnell. As the Box rides through a mall on his hover board, he tells the viewer that for him, cool comes naturally because he makes it easy to save $600 on car insurance. In an effort to seem hip, he uses outdated slang like “swag” and “bomb diggity” to tout the benefits of Progressive to uninterested mall shoppers, employees and one very confused mall cop.


The ad has aired nationally 1,623 times since its debut on July 24th. We have also monitored 4,770 placements on a local level.  

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