Microsoft is number one for two new ads

Who’s on Top? – July 31 - August 6, 2017

Advertising spend for new creative placements on national TV skyrocketed during the week of July 31st, reaching $135 million – an increase of $59 million compared to the previous week. America’s Got Talent led the way for new ad spending, bringing in $7.7 million, followed by the kick-off of NFL pre-season games which were responsible for $4.0 million.

Creative Spotlight

Microsoft ranked number one this week, spending 100% of its TV budget on new advertising. The majority of the budget ($5.4 million) promoted its new Surface Laptop computer. The ad features different people using the computer for various tasks while copy on the screen touts the power and aesthetics of the computer. The ad debuted on July 31 and has aired nationally 582 times, as well as 137 times on a local level. Versions appeared in both English and Spanish language.


The rest of Microsoft’s budget ($4.5 million) went towards a commercial promoting its Windows 10 PC. The ad features a teacher welcoming students back to school while he discusses how helpful it is to be able to write, draw and highlight right on the screen since technology is a huge part of education today. This ad also debuted on July 31 and has appeared 622 times on national TV and an additional 395 times on local stations.


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