Advertising is heating up for the box office

Who’s on Top? – September 11-17, 2017

Advertising spend for new ads on national TV took a slight dip the week of September 11th, reaching $144 million. NFL games continued to drive spend, accounting for 22 percent of all new advertising revenue. Indeed, 603 advertisers debuted new ads this week however only 57 advertisers were responsible for $32 million of expenditures during NFL games. The Emmy Awards also made a notable contribution to this week’s total, with 13 advertisers spending an estimated $8 million on new commercials.

Creative Spotlight

As summer is winding down, the box office is heating up. The top five advertisers this week included two movie studios. Warner Bros. was the top overall spender, releasing new creative for five movies. However 20th Century Fox invested more on a single film, using all of its new creative budget to promote Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The studio began promoting the movie in mid-July on digital media, and released its first national commercial on August 7th. Since then, ad spending for the film has seen some peaks and valleys, but with the release date fast approaching on September 22nd, promotion has picked up. Overall, 20th Century Fox has spent $17 million promoting Kingsman. The primary focus has been on national TV, with expenditures on the media totaling $15 million. The remaining investment has been split between efforts on digital, print, radio and OOH.


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