Will influential Florida trial lawyer be in the mix for state’s 2018 Governor’s race?

It is an open secret that trial lawyers are a major donor class for the Democratic Party; indeed, every other November both the party and individual candidates can expect a windfall of campaign donations. To wit- during the 2016 Presidential election Democrat Hillary Clinton received approximately $36 million in donations from trial lawyers compared to just $1.6 million for Donald Trump.

As Florida gears up for its gubernatorial race in 2018, heavy hitting trial lawyer John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan is rumored to be in the mix for the Democratic Party nomination. He has already made a foray into state politics- supporting the effort to legalize medical marijuana in The Sunshine State. While his money and rhetoric were no doubt appreciated by the [successful] ballot initiative, his alcohol-fueled comments regarding the very unmedical use of marijuana in 2014 were thought by some to have hurt his future electoral viability. It appears that Morgan is not of the opinion that he’s disqualified himself as a possible candidate.

Is Morgan using his law firm’s ads and his status as its spokesperson to launch a bid to succeed Rick Scott? Morgan has hired Democratic party scion Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a partner in the firm- which was announced in a creative released in September.


This was followed up on March 9th with a spot that very much looked like a political candidate’s introductory, biographical spot intended to establish bona fides with desirable constituent groups with a view towards earning their votes.


Two days later, touching on issues of trade, the firm released a spot targeting American companies who manufacture goods in China under the false auspices of “Made in the USA.”


Taken together, these ads have aired a combined 1,309 times since the beginning of 2017 primarily in FL, other Southeastern states, Boston, MA and Manchester, NH at an estimated cost just north of $200,000.

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