Will longer ads be next for Snapchat's revamped video experience?

Snapchat LogoIt's no mystery that Snapchat is a huge hit with millennials. The 18 to 29 year-old demographic spends an average of 20 minutes per day on the photo and video sharing app. Much like Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat has had to make decisions on how to open their network up to advertisers and they've already done so by including quick ads in the recent updates feed. Companies like McDonald's, Samsung and Electronic Arts were early partners in this venture, and it came with a big price tag; a $750,000-a-day commitment for a 10-second video spot.  

Now it looks like Snapchat is taking another step forward by revamping the way video is watched in the app. CEO Evan Spiegel made some vague statements that might result in some new opportunities for advertisers. Currently users are required to hold their thumb to the screen to watch video content. The benefit of this method is that it prevents users from taking screenshots of video that is intended to be disappearing content. However, when Spiegel was recently asked if this is something that might be changing, he said

"We try not to ruin surprises, but that may be in the cards. I think, for us, it's holding us back from longer videos being watched on our service."

So there you have it, longer videos could be on the horizon. While this may be speculation on our part, it's not unreasonable to think that there are going to be some retooled opportunities for advertisers along with these changes. Will longer video content allow forYouTube-style pre-roll ads? It might, and it also might bump up the average time users spend browsing through the app. We know Snapchat is commanding attention from younger demographics and that marketers want to do the same, but how they come together remains to be seen.

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