YouTube’s new shopping button

Google’s video-sharing website is experimenting with a new option for advertisers, and so far the results have been positive.

We all know how YouTube ads work, right? If you’re lucky, you get the option of waiting through 5 seconds of advertising, then you can click the skip button and watch your video. We can see the problem, so it’s no surprise we're seeing them reinvent that system.

YouTube is now making products from their pre-roll ads much more accessible with the new “click to shop” button. The interactive new feature will allow viewers to browse e-commerce pages and add items to their shopping cart in the same video window the ad is playing in. Wayfair and Sephora are two brands that have participated in the early testing of the button, and while it still may be too early to tell, results look promising. According to Google, Wayfair has been getting 3 times the digital revenue compared to their previous YouTube ad campaigns. Additionally, Sephora saw a jump in brand consideration that exceeded 80 percent as well as a 50 percent increase in ad recall.

In its early stages YouTube is still trying to figure out the full potential of the “click to shop” button. They hope that advertisers will eventually be able to target this new feature with video product reviews. This will allow brands and their ads to better connect with consumers at the earliest stages of product research.    

Would you want your customers browsing your online selection during your ads? Do buyers respond stronger to interactivity? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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