Complimentary Report: Back-to-School Insights

Every year as the summer winds down, families of school and college-age children begin to pack up the swimsuits and beach towels, take out the backpacks and school clothing, and get ready to head back to the classroom. While parents are preparing to send children on their way, advertisers race to win their share of a considerable pool of Back-to-School shopping dollars.

Last year, the Back-to-School season generated nearly $75 billion of retail spending, making it the second-largest spending event of the year after the winter holidays. With so much at stake, Back-to-School is clearly a key battleground for marketers.

This complimentary report examines:

  • Timing of the core Back-to-School shopping season
  • Top Back-to-School advertisers and categories
  • Spending patterns for the season
  • Where sales promotions fit into the mix
  • Creative ways marketers tie their products to the season

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