DIMENSION: Communication Planning In a Disrupted World

DIMENSION is a landmark new study from Kantar Media which explores many of the key communication planning, buying and measurement issues and themes from the twin perspectives of those leading the media industry and the consumers they are trying to reach.

We surveyed 5,000 ‘connected adults’ across the US, UK, France, Brazil and China and spoke to 40 leaders internationally from all sides of the industry. Some of what we found is surprising, and all of it is enlightening. Some of the key insights we uncovered include:

  • How do consumers feel about the increasingly sophisticated methods brands use to reach and influence them?
  • Are consumers abandoning more established media for newer technologies?
  • What do media industry leaders see as the main drivers of change?
  • What are the major challenges and opportunities they face?
  • And much more
Download your copy of DIMENSION today to understand the challenges – and opportunities – created by the increased availability of data, automation and changing consumer behavior.


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