How can DTC be more patient-centric?

While patients are calling out for more digital content, the latest data for DTC expenditure shows that the industry isn’t responding to these priorities. The patient study conducted by Health Stories Project – Insights (HSPi) showed that 61% of patients sought digital information, yet according to Kantar Media, investment in digital DTC (promotional digital assets, excluding search) remains a sliver of overall investment at just under 9% of total spend for 2015-2016. Even taking into account the higher relative cost for TV advertising, the lower emphasis on digital could be impacting the lower quality of online content and perceptions of it noted in the study.

This demand for more digital content is recognized by each of the pharma contributors in the study, however, many see expensive TV campaigns as a necessary investment. In fact, digital spending is down in 2016 compared to the previous year, while DTC TV spend grew, both in terms of overall expenditure and as a share of overall spending. Digital expenditure (excluding search) in 2016 dropped by 5.19%, and, when we look at the figures for 2014-2015 (the latest time period with data that includes search) there is a bigger drop, with a decline of 12.13%.


This information has been extracted from Kantar Media's contribution to the in-depth eyeforpharma whitepaper, which was developed with Health Perspectives Group exploring the evolving role of DTC advertising with direct feedback from patient’s - including exclusive results from the recent “DTC Attitudes, Behaviours and Preferences.”

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How can DTC be more patient-centric?

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