New Insight from Marx: Nexium Sets the Pace for Promotional Strategy of Antacid Brands

Did you know that the introduction of Nexium 24HR OTC (over-the-counter) triggered a chain reaction directly altering the promotional strategy of top Antacid brands from their typical historical behavior?

Drawing from data gathered by Kantar Media Marx's ProMotion PLUS Service, it is clear that Pfizer put a concerted effort towards the rollout of Nexium OTC in both traditional Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupons as well as digital coupons - often in synchronicity. As a result, category brand leaders Prevacid (Novartis), Prilosec (P&G) and Zantac (Boehringer Ingelheim) had no choice but to keep pace and adapt.

  • What reaction did Nexium's main competitors have?
  • What Digital Promotion tactics where used to boost and support the launch?
  • Who lead the category in 2013 and what have they done in 2014?

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