Retail Advertisers Head Back-To-School

As the second biggest consumer spending event of the year, the Back-to-School (BTS) season is a critical time period for retailers to win over shoppers and hit revenue goals. With so many retailers marketing similar merchandise, advertising is especially important to win over a key target audience in the market for BTS purchases.

We examined spend and key trends among top retailers during the 2017 BTS season to see who's been making the grade and how they did it.

This report examines:

  • Back-to-school advertising strategies from top retailers like Target, Walmart and JC Penney
  • Core timing of the BTS advertising season
  • How smaller budget advertisers like Payless and Old Navy get the most bang for their buck
  • YoY spend changes from top retailers and the reasons behind them
  • Popular creative themes used in ads
  • Top paid search keyword sponsors for U.S. Google desktop ads and PLAs

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