The Earned Media Winners From Super Bowl XLIX

The advertisements airing in the Super Bowl generate plenty of discussion, whether favorable or critical, and these conversations can provide marketers with extra value for their pricey investment.

Online news coverage and discussions about brands are part of what is referred to as Earned Media. Kantar Media has used its proprietary Fisheye service to identify Super Bowl advertisers finishing at the top of the Earned Media scoreboard. For this analysis, Fisheye monitored online news sources for posts and articles mentioning brands within the context of their Super Bowl advertising. (Note that our analysis focused on brand names, not parent companies of those brands.) It then counted the number of times each article was shared into a social media network, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The monitoring concluded 24 hours after the end of the football game.

Two measures of Earned Media value were calculated. The Reach Index is a measure of audience tonnage. It compares the volume of exposures that a brand earned from online news compared to the average for all Super Bowl brands. Reach takes into account how many people visit a web site and how long the news article stays on the front page of the site. The Social Share Index compares the number of social shares of news articles a brand earned against the average for all Super Bowl brands. It’s a reflection of consumer interest and engagement with the brand-related content. For each of these indices, the norm score is 100 and a larger number is better.

The Reach Leaderboard

Reach in general only requires exposure to an article and is driven by the stories that online news outlets choose to write and promote. Budweiser landed in the top spot with an index of 503 and its score no doubt reflects articles written about its “Puppy Love” ad as a winner of popularity polls for best or favorite commercial.

More interesting is Nationwide’s second place finish with a 469 index. The insurance company earned plenty of online news coverage – much of it negative - for its controversial spot about a child who died from a preventable household accident.

Also noteworthy is T-Mobile in the #8 spot with an index of 289, driven by the coverage of its ad featuring spokesperson Kim Kardashian. Also, Chevrolet was in tenth position with a score of 255. Chevy did not advertise in the game itself but had a significant presence in the pre- and post-game shows and was the branded sponsor of the Super Bowl MVP award.

Top 10 Brand Reach Index

The Social Sharing Leaderboard

As Social Sharing reflects the number of times articles were shared, it’s influenced by Reach but ultimately reflects which content proved the most engaging. Interestingly, while Budweiser had the broadest Reach, it only placed fifth in Social Sharing. Instead, Snickers earned the highest spot in the index, with a score of 657. Its single :30 spot which spoofed the Brady Bunch TV show accounted for more than 8 percent of all social sharing of online news stories among Super Bowl advertisers.

Toyota was the runner up with an index of 642. The automaker’s two Super Bowl ads featured Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy along with a heart-tugging story chronicling a father’s relationship with his daughter.

McDonald’s captured the third spot with an index of 625. Its announcement of a two-week “Pay with Lovin’” promotion generated a substantial amount of online news coverage, raising the brand’s visibility and leading to a high rate of social sharing.

Top 10 Brands Social Sharing Index 

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