Winter Holiday Halftime: Who’s Winning the Advertising Blitz?

The Winter Holiday shopping season is a crucial one for retail advertisers to win. Although the 2015 finish line is still a few weeks away, Kantar Media can already access data on how the race has played out thus far for major retail brands. Final results are still to come; an early leader may or may not wind up the winner, while a middle-of-the pack contestant still has a chance to vault up to the head of the race. But the first half still provides valuable insights into how specific advertisers are doing – and what they might need to fix in order to make the most of their holiday season.

For this report the essential question we are asking is, “Which retailer won the first half?” for each of three different areas:
  • Paid Media – in multimedia ad expenditures
  • Owned Media - in engagement achieved with the brands’ social media content
  • Digital Shopping - in share of time spent on brands’ shopping sites
Download the report today and find out who's leading the winter holiday race!

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Winter Holiday Halftime: Who’s Winning the Advertising Blitz?

Get key insights into how retailers are strategizing this holiday season!

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