When it comes to digital media today, consumers have an almost bewildering array of choice, even compared to a few years ago.

Consequently, in both the video streaming and social networking landscapes, media owners, agencies and brands alike are all seeking to better understand, reach and profile specific consumer audiences.

Insights from our TGI Global Quick View survey reveal how today’s online consumers across 37 key markets worldwide are engaging with digital media and what key opportunities exist for those in the media and marketing ecosystems.

Explore key findings relating to consumer engagement with video streaming and social network engagement in our exclusive report.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Different audiences have different motivations for choosing a streaming service
  • Engagement with advertising on streaming services is particularly likely among certain key audiences
  • Different regions have very different TV and video content preferences
  • Important to avoid assumptions about users of The importance of specific social platforms
  • Brands need to understand which social networks fit best with users of their brand, as well as how they are used