Belgium public and commercial media companies sign three-year radio and TV measurement deal

The PPMs will provide VRT and its partners QGroup and RTVM with analysis of what, how and when people are listening to radio and viewing television content throughout the day. It will report data on 90 percent of the total radio market in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, including the largest commercial radio stations Q-music and JOEfm as well as monitoring viewing of VRT TV stations and all local TV stations.

PPMs provide more accurate measurement of what people are viewing or listening to throughout the day as the devices passively track both digital and analogue broadcasts whether received by air, cable, satellite or over the internet. As the devices are carried by panel members throughout the day, every single transmission that reaches a wearer is captured whether they are in their cars, bars or at work.

Clients benefit from quickly seeing how people are consuming broadcast content on a daily basis rather than via a quarterly report. In a highly competitive market this gives radio stations the ability to get more accurate demographic information and provides more comprehensive data to advertisers faster. The consortium members will continue to augment Kantar Media's PPM data by collecting audience data through diaries. 

Wouter Quartier, Head of Research at VRT, pioneered the first testing of PPM devices eight years ago when his predecessor, Daniel Poesmans awarded TNS Media the world's first PPM radio and TV measurement contract. He says, "The permanent and continuous monitoring of the audience of our TV channels and radio stations using PPM technology helps VRT develop successful media brands and supports our mission as a public company."

"PPM helps us to monitor the performance of our radio programmes," said Jo Snoeckx, Market and Research Manager at QGroup, Flanders' largest commercial radio company.  "We're delighted with this contract renewal."

The Managing Director of local radio stations RVTM, Rik Deman, added, "PPM enables us to evaluate in detail existing and new initiatives for our 11 regional TV stations. With this insight we can both strengthen content and grow sales."

Dominique Vercraeye, Managing Director of TNS Media, commented, "PPM continues to deliver broadcasters with superb insight on people's broadcast viewing and listening habits. This new contract validates that added value. We look forward to growing our offer in this country through our new syndicated service."

PPMs are currently used in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Norway and the USA and there are approximately 60,000 in use worldwide.