Kantar Media to provide radio measurement services in Sweden

Kantar Media has been awarded a six-year contract for the provision of a new electronic radio measurement service in Sweden.  The contract has been awarded by MTG and SBS, the two main commercial broadcasters in Sweden, with broadcaster SR also investing in a test period.  The new electronic service will deploy Portable People Meter (PPM) technology, licensed to Kantar Media by Arbitron. 

The PPMs will provide Sweden's broadcasters with analysis of what, how and when people are listening to radio content throughout the day. PPMs are highly portable devices that are able to detect unique codes embedded within the audio part of any transmission thereby moving electronic measurement beyond the fixed radio to portable devices and out of the home into cars, bars, supermarkets and even the workplace.  Analysis of a panel of 1000 people will be undertaken using Kantar Media's media analysis tool InfoSys+. 

Staffan Rosell, CEO, SBS Radio and Mats Svegfors, CEO, SR Radio in a joint statement stated:  "The Swedish radio industry is now taking a joint step with this new agreement.  We are confident that this method of measurement will enhance radio's attractiveness to the advertising market.  It is important to help Sweden maintain a common currency for national radio."

The new contact will be operated by TNS Gallup, part of the Kantar Media network. Bengt Olsson, Deputy MD, TNS Gallup Sweden, stated: "We're very pleased to be working with the Swedish radio industry to provide more accurate audience measurement.  As more consumers listen to radio using different devices and time-shifted patterns of consumption,  the need for the industry to keep up with sophisticated measurement is vital."

Keld Nielsen, Global Business Development Director, Kantar Media Audiences, commented: "Portable people meters are becoming more popular around the world as the need for improved accuracy in audience measurement becomes increasingly important to the media industry.  Sweden joins eight other markets where PPMs are used to provide both broadcasters and advertisers common currency."

There are now 85,000 PPMs in use across the world providing currency measurement services in the US, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Kazakhstan and Iceland.

The first measurement report using PPMs will be made available to Swedish broadcasters in August 2012 when the contract begins.