Kantar Media unveils the UKs first official Twitter TV ratings

Kantar Media, a world leader in audience measurement, today unveiled the UK’s official Twitter metric for measuring Twitter TV audience engagement. Developed with Twitter as part of a global partnership announced last year, the new Kantar Twitter TV Ratings tools will be available from mid-October.

The new tool, bringing together geofiltered UK Twitter data with the audience research expertise of Kantar Media, enables broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers to track exactly how Twitter amplifies the power of television.

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings will include new metrics that have never been available before in the UK including:

  • Unique authors (people Tweeting) and their affinity to brands, channels and programmes;
  • Unique audience – using data only available to Kantar Media we are able to measure the number of individuals who viewed Tweets related to individual programmes/shows
  • Impressions - the total number of times that Tweets or Retweets have actually been seen about a broadcast.

As well as existing metrics including:

  • number of Tweets and Retweets about a programme before, during and after transmission;
  • average Tweets per minute and the highest volume of Tweets per minute ascribed to the programme in question;

Andy Brown, Global CEO and Chairman of Kantar Media, said ”The launch of the first official Twitter TV metrics in the UK gives the broadcast industry official insight for social TV engagement to complement the BARB gold-standard TV measurement currency.  Using the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings; broadcasters, planners and advertisers will be able to assess programmes and series, plan programme promotions more effectively and assist media buyers and sellers to integrate social data more comprehensively into the TV component of their media mix.”

In addition to these new metrics, Kantar Media has also developed an intuitive dashboard, Instar Social, that broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers can use to view and analyse data alongside their existing TV analysis tools. Instar Social will include a live, real-time leaderboard, providing a snapshot of the top Tweeted programmes as they happen, with the ability to drill down and view actual content of the Tweets in real-time.

Further enhancements scheduled for release include trending topics that are driven by a programme, integration of BARB gold-standard ratings data into the dashboard enabling data overlays; as well as API data feeds.