Marketplace Analysis: Optimise search marketing strategies

Marketplace Analysis enables you to optimise your online and mobile search marketing strategies. It gives a clear understanding of which keywords are performing, and shows that in relation to competitor activity and industry trends.

We deliver the most comprehensive intelligence on paid and organic search activity, showing how keywords perform over time.  This makes it possible to understand individual competitor strategies as well as what is happening in a sector and overall trends.

We do this by monitoring keywords used in campaigns on online and mobile search engine marketplaces.  We do this in granular detail, reporting on keywords, spend, impressions/share of voice, clickthrough rate, cost per click and ad copy.

We report data each month, on our paid search intelligence platform which provides dynamic visual dashboards.  This provides actionable insight from clear and easily understandable and adaptable reports.

We also provide back data, to illustrate the rhythm and trends of investments.  We report on more than 150 product categories in 12 major countries.

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