Industry welcomes launch of Kantar RapidMeter by LMRB

At a presentation to mark the launch of the Kantar RapidMeter in Sri Lanka, held recently at The Kingsbury, Colombo, and attended by a packed audience of business leaders and senior managers from advertisers, TV stations and advertising agencies, Himalee Madurasinghe CEO LMRB said “We are delighted to announce the successful setting-up of the RapidMeter project, a world class TV audience measurement system that not only provides efficiency in media spends but also valuable insights on how to optimise these spends depending on the audience that is important to the client. “

According to feedback from users, the GPRS based downloading system has already proven its worth.

 “Our obvious choice for moving into the next generation of TV audience measurement was to partner with Kantar Media, the global leader in TV audience measurement. However the investment and the resources we have dedicated for this project is staggering” stated Himalee.

In a series of testimonials screened at the event;

Ramani Samarasundara , Director, Home & Personal Care, Unilever, commenting on the importance of a reliable method to measure the efficiency of media spends stated that “Today, traditional media is still a very big part of Spends in Sri Lanka and therefore with such a wide reach, it is increasingly important for us as marketers to really understand how effectively we are reaching our target audiences.  Having the right communication and product is really not enough to win in the market. You really need to be able to monitor, measure and take corrective action to effectively communicate to the right audience. So therefore, in that context as a marketer I feel it is very important that we have a reliable and accurate way of monitoring the reach and the frequency and the way in which we reach the audiences.”

Similar sentiments were shared by Industry leaders Michael Holsinger (CEO, Starcom), Lalith Sumanasiri (MD, Phoenix O&M), Prashanth Subramaniam (Jt. MD, Media Factory) & Peter Solomon (Director, Grants) who unanimously agreed that the current audience monitoring mechanism is already helping them to make sharper decisions on the media investments. They pointed out that the faster access to information, as well as the ability to track, the modern digital technology were huge benefits that are adding value.

Keld Nielsen, Global Commercial Director of Kantar Media Audiences spoke of emerging trends and Kantar’s leadership in TV audience measurement systems worldwide. He commended LMRB for efficiently implementing the RapidMeter system in Sri Lanka.

The RapidMeter had previously been deployed by Google in the UK. LMRB became the first country in this region to successfully test and launch the system. LMRB now plays a consultative role in South Asia, sharing its knowledge and experience with other countries in the region, who are planning to implement a similar system.   

Senior Consultant, Nihal de Silva explained how, due to the high cost, most PeopleMeter panels worldwide were being run at sizes adequate for mass audiences on large channels. He described how an Establishment Survey over twenty times the expected panel size was conducted by LMRB among those aged 4 years & above. Next the resultant data had been subjected to advanced statistical analysis in order to determine the factors having a significant effect on TV viewership.   Continuing his detailed explanation, Nihal made it clear to the audience the meticulous scientific process that was followed to ensure the integrity of the measurement.

He also stressed that the industry should move away from the hitherto common practice of merely using the ratings to determine station rankings, to focusing on the valuable lessons that could be learnt from the millions of numbers organised by demographic groups, TV channels, TV programs and time periods that the ratings reports provide.

Dharshana Perera, Senior Project Director Head of RapidMeter Project at LMRB, then exposed the audience to a host of interesting findings that had emerged from an analysis of the RapidMeter data.

It was found that during the last three months, on average an individual had spent 100 minutes per day watching TV. This translated to a staggering 850 million hours of watching TV by Sri Lankan viewers in the month of May.

Across the 13 terrestrial stations monitored by LMRB, a viewer is offered over 400 hours of TV content for a day. However, the average viewer who watches just 4 channels a day is exposed to about 72 commercials.

Interestingly, while children between the ages of 4 to 15 years make-up 20% of the 4+ year universe, only 4% of the telecast time is devoted to kids programs. This means that kids are predominantly spending time watching programs developed for adult viewing.

Cable & Satellite homes have heavier viewers compared to those in homes with only a terrestrial connection. Over 50% of the viewership of those in C&S homes are on non-terrestrial channels, making the task of reaching out to them very challenging due to the much wider choice of channels.

Hemant Mehta, Senior Vice President, IMRB International, touched on the unlimited possibilities of fusing RapidMeter data with the existing tools such as the recently launched (in Sri Lanka) Target Group Index (TGI - a single source database that is rich in terms of demographic, psychographic, product consumption, media & lifestyle data) as well as the LMRB Household Panel (which tracks monthly household purchases of FMCGs)  and the wealth of insights that can be generated for marketers to make sharper and accurate decisions in a more cost effective manner.

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