2017 Round-up from Andy Brown

Taking a look back at 2017, Kantar Media's CEO & Chairman Andy Brown rounded up 2017 and discussed the most significant technology development of the year to what was the biggest success story of 2017. 

Keep an eye on Research Live, who will be sharing Andy's review of 2017. 

Looking back at this year

  • What has been the most significant development of 2017? (technology or methodology)
    • “Voice activation has, without a doubt, been one of the most significant developments in technology over the past year. And the rise of devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home has potentially very interesting implications for both marketers and researchers. With new behaviours – from changing the TV channel to checking the weather – being monitored, we need to think not only about having the measurement systems in place to capture these actions, but also the ways in which they drive new research solutions.”
  • What trend has had the biggest impact on research in 2017?
    • “Actionable data – by which I mean the growing desire for marketers to drive a direct one-to-one conversation with consumers, demonstrating its impact afterwards. Increasingly, “insight” is becoming a secondary use case.” 
  • What was 2017’s biggest buzzword, and why?
    • “Attribution! All of the players in today’s complex digital ecosystem need to be able to show the impact of the investments they make. The current absence of large scale, holistic ROI systems means that may of the answers around measurement have to be modelled after the campaign has run.”
  • What was the best campaign of 2017, in your view? (either ad/ brand/political)
    • “That is a tough one as we love all of our client’s campaigns :)”
  • What has been biggest success story of the year? (e.g. companies, campaigns, approaches)
    • “That would have to be Amazon and Alibaba. Both have similarities in that they are built on – and driven by – data, with long-term strategy and the ability to invest in growing opportunities.
  • What has been the year’s biggest disappointment/anti-climax?
    • “The continued decline of the print advertising business. And I don’t just say that from a standpoint of being concerned about my clients, but also as a consumer and the impact it’s having on fact-based, quality journalism.”

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