25 Days of Data - Day 20

Gaming has opened up in recent years to engage almost all types of adults. In part, this has been because today nearly everyone has the tech at their fingertips that provide a means to play games and the sheer choice and format of games has exploded to appeal to any interest.

Effectively understanding and targeting different types of gamer has never been more important for marketers today due to explosion of gaming. In 2017, using data from TGI, Kantar Media undertook a bespoke segmentation of consumer gamer types, what makes different types of gamers valuable to advertisers and how they can most effectively be engaged.

Over half of all adults admit to participating in gaming, whether online or offline, whilst 31% of adults have bought games in the past 12 months. Furthermore, for six and a half million adults (13% of the adult population), playing video games is their self-confessed favourite pastime.

Our data revealed six distinct gamer types:

  1. Absolute Gamers - 8% of GB adult population who live and breathe gaming in attitudes and behaviours. They tend to have a high consumption on all game types – hard core and casual, across all devices
  2. Console Kings – 9% of GB adult population who play mostly blockbuster games on home games consoles and are likely to have a variety of interests outside of gaming
  3. Opinionated Fans – 7% of the GB adult population who are big fans of gaming and its culture including streaming gameplays. While they  may have strong opinions on gaming, they will consume and spend relatively little on it.
  4. App-store Addicts – 9% of the population who are premium and mobile heavy gamers. While they may not identify with gaming culture, they tend to spend on mobile games and in-app purchases.
  5. Mobile Casuals – 10% of the GB adult population who display light/casual gaming behaviours and attitudes. They tend to play on their mobiles and particularly like free games due to their unwillingness to pay.
  6. Low-tech puzzlers – 11% of the GB adult population who are the least tech-savvy of gamers and more than likely to be casual gamers. They have a low interest in gaming and they tend to access games via PC and enjoy puzzle games.

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