Belgian industry discusses the future of TV measurement

We recently hosted a meeting for the Belgian television market to discuss the latest developments in audience measurement. The central question of the event was How will TV be measured tomorrow in Belgium? The event was attended by a number of decision makers from Belgian broadcasters and media agencies.

In order to answer the key question of the day, a number of presentations were delivered focusing on how measurement of the TV and video audience is evolving with the viewing habits of the audience, and the innovative solutions being rolled out across the world to address these changes.

Laurence Chausson discussed Kantar Media’s hybrid approaches to measurement and highlighted the need for new collaborative approaches in order to achieve the best audience measurement results. She outlined the continued need for robust panels using fixed or portable metering technology to measure core TV, where the majority of TV content is still consumed. She also discussed the possibilities for new metering technology being developed and deployed to measure TV delivered over IP.

Case studies from Denmark and the Netherlands highlighted the solutions being developed and deployed to measure TV consumption. Jonathan Brown shared the award winning total video solution work currently delivering daily online ratings in the Netherlands.  

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