Living the blueprint for TV and video audience measurement

Our blueprint for TV and video audience measurement launched last year clearly sets out our vision for understanding and measuring TV consumption in all of its evolving forms. 

Encompassing the full spectrum of TV audience measurement, it has always been important to be aware of what we call ‘TV audience measurement cultural sensitivity’. Our blueprint is an ideal, but implementation of the system must acknowledge local market circumstances. 

The blueprint has now become a reality in a number of markets around the world and as expected, different countries have implemented it differently depending on the local circumstances. 

Turkey: building a full hybrid measurement methodology

Last October, we were delighted to announce that TIAK, the joint industry committee in Turkey, had selected Kantar Media to retain and develop the TAM service following a competitive tender. This development represents a significant enhancement of the existing service, building a full hybrid methodology incorporating a core TV panel, a representative online panel with some overlap between the two, and the tagging of all broadcaster web players. 

Norway: delivering Total TV & Video (TVOV) currency

In Norway, we were awarded the TVOV contract for the provision of TV ratings, measuring all TV and Video content wherever it’s consumed in what will be the most advanced hybrid model for TV and video measurement yet seen in the world.  This service comprises two panels: a single source representative panel measuring all viewing on the TV set and on other connected devices, as well as a panel measuring all TV and video content consumed out of home (OOH). This is unique, and we will fuse the two panels in the early hours each morning to report a single data set as the Norwegian TV currency. 

In both Turkey and Norway, we are deploying our new Focalmeter to capture all in home online TV consumption. We are delighted to see the blueprint becoming a reality, breaking new ground with our award-winning technology and hybrid solutions. 

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