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TIAK, the joint industry committee for television measurement in Turkey hosted an event this month where over 160 broadcasters, agencies and advertisers came together to discuss the future of television audience measurement. Changing Channels looked at the changing needs of the TV industry in Turkey and the innovations and models for TV measurement being adopted around the world.

Bas de Vos, Managing Director of Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO), the Netherlands TV industry body, gave a presentation about the past, present and future of the Videodata Integration Model in the Netherlands. He shared SKO’s Total Video Solution and the progress being made. The first step, online TV ratings, have been delivered to the industry daily since the beginning of 2016.

Alex Nielsen, Director of Research & Strategy at Discovery Networks Northern Europe discussed enhancement to TV currencies in Norway and Denmark where TV viewed out of home has been measured in Norway in recent years, and the new TV measurement service in Denmark, set to go live next year, will deliver ever greater benefits to the industry.

Alexander Nielsen presenting at Turkey Event
Stuart Wilkinson from ComScore offered a look at the first fruits of cross media measurement being developed with Kantar Media. Stuart shared the initial work in Spain and the benefits that the industry will soon begin to take advantage of.

Daniel Flynn from Kantar Media shared the Target Group Ratings service with those present, an enabler for effective audience targeting fusing TGI survey data with TV measurement currency.

And Richard Asquith and Margo Swadley also shared global and UK specific developments on futureproofing TV measurement services.

If you’d like to watch a stream of the event or view any of the presentations, please contact Diu Hoang.

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