PRESENTATION: World-class cross-platform measurement. Here, Now, Future.

Our CEO and Chairman, Andy Brown, presented at the ARF Audience Measurement event in New York in June 2016. Andy presented with Bob Ivins, Executive Vice President of Cross-Media Business Development at comScore, delivering an update on the progress we've made in cross-media measurement since our two companies formed a strategic alliance in February 2015.   

The presentation is available below, and outlines:

  • Our journey from Television to TotalVideo, and our definition of both of these terms
  • The reasons behind our strategic alliance and what expertise both organisations bring to the partnership
  • Our models for cross-media measurement, and the flexibility within them
  • Case studies showing the results from some of the new markets operating cross-media services, including Spain and the Netherlands

If you'd like more information on our expertise in cross-media measurement, click here or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


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