Romania gets a glimpse of its technological future

Kantar Media was awarded the TAM service provider in Romania at the turn of the year. In March, 2011, the inaugural Kantar Media Conference for ARMA (the Romanian JIC) was held in Bucharest. It showcased some of the technologies - and insights - that would soon be coming to the country.

Since their appointment, Kantar Media Audiences S.R.L. Romania has been going through the process of getting the new TAM panel set up. The key purpose of the Conference was to familiarise the ARMA members with the exciting new technologies Kantar Media will be launching as part of their TAM services. The new services goes live in January 2012.

Over 100 delegates attended the conference. Among them were representatives of TV Broadcasters, Media and Advertising Agencies.

Coming soon: Increased audience insight

One of the highlights of the conference included showcasing the 5000 series PeopleMeter. Its enhanced audio matching technology was widely appreciated. It will soon be deployed in a new national TAM panel of 1200 homes (net). The Romanian media industry will then be able to measure their ever-changing and diversified TV market with 5000 series PeopleMeters and audio matching technology - just as digital TV begins to take centre stage.

The ARMA members were also introduced to InfoSys+, the world's leading analysis tool and primary source of audience data for the new TAM contract. ARMA has been using InfoSys for the last 12 years, so it's members are also familiar with InfoSys+ predecessor - InfoSysTV.

Anticipation for new technology builds

XPert+, the world-beating planning and optimisation tool shared centre stage. This strategic tool is used to plan and analyse TV campaigns. In Bucharest, it was of particular interest to the nation's Media and Advertising Agencies.

The event offered all present an excellent opportunity to meet stakeholders from across the media research industry. For those in the audience representing Romania, it was a chance to whet the appetite for the new technology and software systems to come.

"For the Romanian Media Industry, it was a change to whet the appetite for the new technology and software soon to be released."

Renata Uhlarikova is  International Marketing Director, Kantar Media Audiences. She is based in London.

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