Amnet’s Bet On Automated Guaranteed

by Sarah Sluis, AdExchanger

Automated guaranteed has been the slowest part of programmatic to get off the ground. But one of its biggest proponents is the Dentsu Aegis-owned trading desk Amnet, which sees the technology as key to making programmatic a central part of everything an agency does.

From January to December last year, budgets going to automated guaranteed – which automates the IO process in a direct deal for reserved inventory – grew 44% within Amnet’s pool of direct programmatic spend, which includes private marketplaces and other preferred programmatic deals...

The “Pick Up The Phone” Hurdle

...Because automated guaranteed is still getting off the ground, the planning process is still a bit more manual than the term “automated” implies. Technology, in this case, is still less efficient than an old-fashioned phone call.

“If I’m at a big agency and have been working with a publisher for years, when I want to buy [direct] it takes me a five-minute phone call,” noted Dina Srinivasan, managing director of emerging media for Kantar Media. That’s a high bar of efficiency for automated guaranteed to cross. She sees “a lot of hand holding” in the current iteration of automated guaranteed.

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