FIFA World Cup Fever Continues

by Tanya Gazdik, MediaPost

The FIFA World Cup in Russia is about one-third completed, and fans remain engaged.  

Although the U.S. has not qualified for the tournament in 2018, American fans are the largest group traveling from a foreign country to attend this year’s World Cup in Russia, and U.S. advertisers are taking note. 

As a result, Kantar Media’s recent U.S. TGI survey examined the consumer profile of the U.S. soccer fan to understand who makes up this group.

Kantar Media found that soccer fans in the U.S. remain mostly men (67%), but more and more women (33%) are following the event. In fact, the breakdown in the U.S. is similar to that of European countries like France, Italy and Spain.

The U.S. soccer fan base consumes the sport on TV and uses other media to seek out information about the games. Seventy-one percent of soccer fans in the U.S. watch matches on TV, and 44% of them look up information about soccer matches on the internet.

When making purchasing decisions, soccer fans in the U.S. consider many factors, and are also influenced by expert and peer reviews, according to Kantar Media. As a group, they are 150% more likely to say that advertising plays a big part in their purchasing decisions, 97% more likely to be particularly influenced by the expert recommendations or reviews and 86% more likely to signal that brand reputation is an important determinant of purchasing behavior. 

On the other hand, when looking at their online behavior, soccer fans in the U.S. are 120% more likely to download content from the internet, 95% more likely to stream content across devices, 92% more likely to be particularly social online, and 91% more likely to use the internet to manage their finances. They are also 68% more likely to use the internet for shopping and retail.

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