Wrapping Up Holiday Advertisement Spending

by Luxury Daily

The millions invested in holiday season advertising differs across platforms for luxury retailers and brands according to an executive from Kantar Media Ad Intelligence at Luxury FirstLook: Strategy 2016 on Jan. 20.

Magazines were among the prime focus for both retailers and brands, but retailers continued to focus on newspapers and digital, whereas the personal luxury brands were more heavily oriented toward magazines. The focus on paid advertising and the quantity and quality of social media use help brand and retailers engage with their consumers.

Luxury FirstLook: Strategy 2016 was organized by Luxury Daily.

Media Mixing

Instagram is thriving because organic reach on Facebook is dwindling. Brands are setting up Instagram pages to take advantage of visuals.

Follower numbers rose sharply for the seven brands examined. Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton all have more than 8 million followers, and each had a follower growth rate of more than 16 percent this holiday season. Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Burberry and Gucci also witnessed growth in the number of followers.

Other metrics retailers and brands enlisted during the nine-week holiday period includes searches.

Ad Spend
Source: Kantar Media, Holiday spending by retailers in 2015

“Searches are an expression of consumer intent,” said Jon Swallen, chief research officer, Kantar Media Ad Intelligence.

Word of mouth is another method brands rely upon. Brand mentions on Twitter and Instagram were researched.

More traditional methods of advertising were not neglected. Millions were spent on mixed media. Magazine advertising allowed retailers to run multi-page advertisements and gave personal brands a space to display products.

Personal brands had much lower use of digital advertising. However, jeweler Tiffany & Co. has seen a strong digital presence.

Recently, Tiffany spoke to holiday procrastinators with a series of display ads targeting the fashionable crowd.

Ensuring that its gifting-ready baubles were not missed, Tiffany ran efforts on the Web sites of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Women’s Wear Daily, all of which speak to seasonal jewelry purchases. Ran only a few days prior to Christmas, Tiffany was likely able to spur in-store visits for some final present preparations.

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