Campaign Strategy Targeted Victory Partners With Kantar Media Cmag To Create A More Holistic

Alexandria, VA (June 25, 2014) — Targeted Victory, a leader in online advertising and integrated data management for political candidates, today announced a partnership with Kantar Media CMAG, the nonpartisan leader in tracking political advertising across television, radio and online.

Through this partnership, Targeted Victory will combine media tracking data from Kantar Media CMAG with Census-based television data to create custom online “Rapid Response” audiences, allowing clients to track voters both on and off the grid.

Combining the media tracking data from CMAG with the voter viewing information and Targeted Victory’s voter data segments in Audience Exchange empowers clients to target by a specific campaign or group. For example, if a Democratic super PAC places a television buy aimed at a client of Targeted Victory, the Audience Exchange database can help the client respond by creating custom audience segments for that particular buy in that particular race and targeting messages to these audiences. This new media tracking data from CMAG will ensure rapid, highly focused responses in a changing political media landscape.

“It has become increasingly important to diversify ad placement across multiple mediums and channels,” said Michael Beach, co-founder of Targeted Victory. “The integration with CMAG helps optimize the placement and performance of these ads, while also providing additional anonymous data on voters to enhance the digital strategy. Combining CMAG and audience data with Targeted Victory's advertising platforms offers campaigns faster, cheaper, and more precise methods to engage and influence persuadable voters online.”

CMAG is a one-stop source for media buy, spend and content analysis for political-, advocacy-, and influencer-focused advertising. Their solution, which includes emailed Ad Alert notifications of new commercials hitting the air and customizable reports, uniquely enables clients to stay on top of even the greatest surges of ad activity.

“Combining CMAG data with third-party segments like Targeted Victory’s puts an incredibly powerful tool in the hands of clients, enabling them to run holistic media campaigns where digital compliments traditional,” says Elizabeth Wilner, senior vice president for political advertising at Kantar Media Intelligence. “We’re thrilled to have our data be a part of such an integrated venture.”

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