Eyeota Partners with Kantar Media to Provide Health and Wellness Audience Data Segments

Marketers and advertisers can access holistic insights into consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and profiles

New York -- March 14, 2017) -- Eyeota, the global leader for audience data, has partnered with Kantar Media, a global leader in media intelligence, to provide data from Kantar Media’s market-leading MARS Consumer Health Study to healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers, advertisers, media buyers and agencies across the globe to power their campaigns. The MARS Consumer Health Study covers all aspects of consumer behaviors, attitudes and media usage around health topics.

The healthcare industry has always been a leader in innovation, and now it is moving toward programmatic as a way to streamline the ad buying process as well as improve audience targeting accuracy. According to Kantar Media, U.S. measured-media ad spending for the healthcare industry increased by 11.3 percent to $9.7 billion. Digital, which includes video, display, online, search and mobile, accounted for 12.6 percent ($1.2 billion) of the total ad spend.

The addition of MARS Consumer Health Study data into Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace provides marketers and advertisers with a more holistic view of consumers’ health and wellness behaviors. By better understanding the profile of consumers, marketers can improve their outreach strategies and maximize engagement. MARS segments enable marketers to approach consumers based on their affinities and attitudes toward multiple health and wellness segments, including fitness, nutrition, media usage, wearables and healthcare apps, branded or generic prescriptions, online research and more.

“Bringing Kantar Media’s high-quality data to the programmatic marketplace offers tremendous value to media buyers,” said Manish Bhatia, North American CEO, Kantar Media. “Thanks to our partnership with Eyeota, a broad range of health and wellness brands can now create successful campaigns by leveraging our MARS Consumer Health Study insights.”     

Since 2001, Kantar Media's MARS Consumer Health Study has been the go-to information source for marketers serving all aspects of health and wellness, direct-to-consumer advertising strategy, planning and targeting. The study provides a wealth of data around multimedia consumption habits, conditions, treatment plans, more than 500 drug brands, healthcare attitudes, opinions and behaviors, demographics and more.

“Consumers are conducting more research for health-related information online or on mobile devices. In fact, the MARS Consumer Health Study found that 42 percent of the U.S. population said they initially go online when they need health and wellness information, while 17 percent of adults who own a smartphone use health and wellness apps,” said Kevin Tan, CEO and Managing Director, Americas, Eyeota. “The integration of MARS Consumer Health Study audience segments provides not only consumers’ health and well-being profiles, but also how and where this audience consumes content. Taking this information, healthcare marketers can create more targeted campaigns to reach and engage with their consumers with precision.”

Kantar Media’s MARS study is reviewed annually by the Media Ratings Council and was recently featured in Advertising Age’s 2016 Healthcare Marketing special report.

Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health Study data segments are available through Eyeota Audience Data Marketplace. For more information, visit www.eyeota.com.

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