Political: fast, actionable advertising intelligence

Our Campaign Media Analysis Group (Kantar Media/CMAG) delivers real-time, accurate information on where TV ads are airing, what they say, how much is being spent, and the actual creative for viewing.

Kantar Media/CMAG experts provide clients with actionable insights that help inform their split-second decisions on whether and how to respond.

Timely, accurate information

Campaigners, issue advocates and their media buying agencies can quickly identify what messaging opponents and allies are using. This enables them to create and target ads to counter attacks or to supplement friendly advertising activity.

For sellers of advertising, our data helps surface opportunities to gain share of wallet by identifying the political advertisers and illustrating the relevant audiences to pitch.

Unmatched, objective specialist expertise

Our dedicated team of experienced analysts reviews each and every political ad, classifying them according to sponsor specifics, issues and other messaging trends, and tone. Kantar Media/CMAG works alongside our ad occurrence and expenditure service as well as using actual rates, providing volume and placement data, with spending estimates informed by real buys. 

As the leading nonpartisan political advertising experts, Kantar Media/CMAG’s clients include candidates, PACs and parties at local, state and national levels, advocacy groups, specialist advertising agencies, analysts, academics and the media.  They all draw on our expertise to understand what’s happening in the air.

A Network of Data Solutions

Kantar Media/CMAG connects our clients to the wide variety of media monitoring capabilities that Kantar Media has to offer. In today’s 24/7 communications environment we recognize that it’s more necessary than ever to keep apprised of your coverage and profile across social media and mainstream news.

Kantar Media integrates social media and mainstream news in a single timeline, making it easier to identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights. With paid search, social media, digital media and our longtime television media monitoring, Kantar Media/CMAG is bringing new and needed solutions to the political space.

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