Radio and audio measurement: rising to new challenges

We have met the challenge of measuring radio audiences across different devices and different platforms by delivering approaches to the meet the need of each market.

The digital revolution strengthened radio as a medium, spawning new channels and reaching new audiences.  And  those new distribution and consumption patterns have presented new challenges, as people listen over the air, online, on digital audio broadband (DAB) or analogue.

Innovative approach

Many of our radio measurement services use portable meters, carried by a panel, which can detect unique codes embedded within a transmission.  This enables us to take metered measurement out of the home and into cars, bars, supermarkets and the workplace.

In other markets we are deploying a range of other techniques, including diaries and day after recall, so we are able to get a clear picture of what people are listening to.  This is regardless of how they are listening and whether it’s delivered over the air, by cable, satellite or the internet. 

Deep experience

We have been measuring radio for more than 60 years and now operate in more than 20 global markets across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America.  Portable metering technology underpins many of those services.

Our measurement service helps answer questions around how radio fits into people’s everyday lives, how younger audiences include radio in their media consumption habits and how advertisers, broadcasters and agencies can better understand how audiences listen through a variety of devices.

Additionally, we enable:

  • Broadcasters to make better decisions around their content and programming, while maximising the returns on advertising space
  • Advertisers and agencies to have the information they need to decide on budget allocations
  • The industry to build and maintain the credibility that underpins advertising sales and to work with a common trading currency.