10 questions to ask about direct-to-publisher advertising

If you haven’t dabbled in online advertising before for your client or brand, no doubt it can be a little daunting. In order to protect your brand and make sure that you’re making the right decisions, it’s all about asking the appropriate questions and doing your own background research. And don’t worry. The publisher should be able to answer them all.  After all, you’re not asking, what does the fox say?

  1. About the site: How established is your website? How long have you been online? Do you have any other associated sites? Is your site mobile optimized?
  2. About the audience: What is your site’s target market? Who visits? Do you have information about demographics, geographics or other behavioral insights about your audience?
  3. About the site promotion: How do you promote the site? Are you active on social media? Do you work with other brands or publishers on partnerships?
  4. About the site metrics: How many visitors do you get on a monthly basis? Can you send me a full report on your site analytics? Who are your biggest referrers?
  5. About the specific traffic: How much traffic comes to the sections of the site where I will be advertising?
  6. About the costs: What are the advertising rates on your site? Are there differences depending on the banner size, location, etc.?
  7. About the ad location: Can you show me exactly where my banner will appear on the site?
  8. About other advertisers: Will I be the only advertiser using that space or will my ad rotate with other advertisers? Can you tell me who they are?
  9. About the ad: What is the banner size? Do you have any other limitations on the ad? What images or formats do you accept for the ad? Can you provide me with the pixel size? Can I submit an animated banner? Are there any restrictions?
  10. About additional marketing materials: What other advertising items do you for the ad besides the creative and landing page? 
  11. About the contract: What is my out-clause? What is the campaign duration?

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