2 programmatic updates you should know about

iMedia Connection  recently published a post on programmatic updates that reinforces two points we think are very important when considering your options. 

First and foremost, it points out that programmatic targeting is becoming more and more effective every day.They make special mention of the fact that marketers using programmatic receive even more consumer data on top of the information that they already have internally.

There is also good news in here for those who worry that programmatic is taking the storytelling narrative out of marketing. SVP and Group Media Director at DigitasLBi, Nicole Estebanell, says that creative marketers are now learning how to evolve their strategies to incorporate brand narrative into programmatic. This is an optimistic contrast to the previous mentality of just using it as a means to get rid of remaining inventory.

The full post includes two YouTube videos from Estebanell with her thoughts on programmatic. You can check it out here.

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