3 ways to save time with SRDS

Hey,SRDS users!

As you get back into the swings of things, I wanted to share three tips that could save you time in your day as you use SRDS.com to locate the right media opportunities:

  1. More Information Icons: Immediate access to information you need like tablet editions, video media kits, instant editions, publisher’s research, featured marketing opportunities, distribution/audience profiles, audit statements and social media links.
  1. Grid View: Topline overview of listings in your results. How does it save time? It places info in a table format which allows you get quickly scan for important info on your options. Plus you can copy/paste to Excel for further manipulation.
  1. Reports: A quick way to collect topline contact information or, if you are looking at a single media type, you can access additional detail on tagged listings. The Reports function allows you to save this info into Excel and format as you choose. Click here for more on how to use Reports. Also, we just announced that users with reporting enabled can now output profile text in a Detailed Report. Find out more about this exciting capability here!

Take a minute to check these features out when you are in SRDS and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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