6 common digital advertising objectives

No matter the medium, one the basic tenets of media planning is developing your campaign objective so that it dictate the tactics. Based on this goal, a marketer or agency can more easily determine whether digital is the best media choice to explore. Below you’ll find some of the more common objectives marketers and planners have in their  online campaigns.

Note that many of these objectives can overlap in a campaign but will probably have different metrics to measure success.

  1. Promoting your brand. These campaigns have a few different subsets, but most often, they are joined with other media to show a holistic advertising strategy. You may be trying to drum up awareness of your product or brand or improving your image or reputation.
  2. Enhancing client engagement and developing relationships with prospects. This is often the goal of many social campaigns. Your aim to interact effectively with your customers to improve their experience with your brand.
  3. Increasing offline sales. This goal can be accomplished by promoting an in-store sale online through the use of a digital coupon or voucher.
  4. Increasing online sales. These campaigns focus on growing sales through the brand’s website.  These campaigns specifically aim to generate sales on the brand website or on partner networks. Such campaigns can also simultaneously pursue conversion and branding objectives.
  5. Generating leads. These campaigns often require a prospect to submit their email address to receive a piece of valuable content, to participate in an online game or to enter a contest. They may not be ready to buy your product or service, but by asking for an email, they will be places in your sales funnel. 
  6. Stressing your brand message. Many marketers supplement a traditional ad campaign with a digital one in order to increase the likelihood that the message will resonate with your audience. 

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