6 insights from study on millennials and the media

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the Millennial generation (Americans age 18 to 29) consumes media differently than Baby Boomers and Generation X.

In the last decade, there has been a shift among this generation toward digital media, like Internet news and digital radio. This forced advertisers and marketers looking to reach thisdemographic to add digital to their marketing mix.

Scarborough, a local market consumer insights company, released a study to uncover the unique ways Millennials engage with the media along with their general attitudes and demographics. Addressing the importance of the study, Deirdre McFarland, Scarborough Vice President of Marketing and Communications, said:

“It is essential to realize that Millennials have a natural orientation toward social media especially since they are a demographic who came of age during a time of rapid technological advancement. By understanding that Millennials still consume news, but that ease of access in engaging with the medium is critical, marketers and advertisers can craft a more intuitive marketing mix to appeal to this young audience.”

Download the full study here or simply check out our top takeaways from the study below. At the least, you’ll be armed with a few key nuggets that may help you craft effective campaigns in 2013.

  1. Millennials feel hyper-connected to both their local neighborhoods as well as to the world at large.
  2. They are proud of their ethnic heritages. About 62% of Millennials say that their cultural/ethnic heritage is an important part of who they are.
  3. Millennials spend just over 82 minutes a day on social networking activities.
  4. Millennials are the first generation for whom mobile phones have always been a part of life.
  5. They want the news to come to them. Millennials are 53% more likely than all U.S. adults to feel that social media sites are very important for finding info about news and current events.
  6. Digital media is a part of how they consume television. Millennials are 86% more likely to have listened to radio online and nearly twice as likely to have watched or downloaded TV programs online.

How are you reaching Millennials? Maybe through social media ads or messages specifically targeted based on their attitudes?

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