6 tips for exploring TV & cable advertising options

Not every business can afford to run a commercial during the Super Bowl. But that shouldn’t stop you from considering this powerful, far-reaching medium. TV offers a variety of interesting advertising opportunities for brands, many of which may actually be affordable. What’s critical is determining what your objective is and if TV is the right medium to achieve success. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you  explore TV and cable advertising options  for your business.

  1. Who are you trying to reach? Not everyone will be in your target market and that is more than OK. It will actually help you nail down the right advertising medium and specific outlets to consider.
  2. Are you considering a national, regional or local audience? With TV, you can get any or all of those options, so consider if you’re looking to reach individuals in a certain location or not. Brainstorm with other members on your team.
  3. While radio is all about what you hear, TV is focused on looks. Is your product visually appealing? Is it something that you need to see in order to really believe? For example, a luxury automobile fits well on the small screen, but other products may not fare as well.
  4. Think about budget and costs. Producing your own commercial can get pricy, especially if you’re looking to hire actors. Think about what you can accomplish on your own and if it will look as professional as you think it needs to be.
  5. Other considerations to keep in mind are the length of the commercial, the frequency and the time of year it’s shown. If you own a restaurant, running a commercial with a family eating lunch on the patio in the middle of June is probably better than filming in October when the space is about to close for the year.
  6. Explore the TV and cable opportunities available on SRDS.com. Search nationally or by market. You can narrow down your opportunities by TV stations (commercial and non-commercial), cable systems, TV/cable networks, broadcast websites and interconnects. All of the planning data you need, right at your fingertips. It’s better than any consumer-oriented search engine and provides you with everything you need to consider whether or not to add that property to your plan.

Find out more about the thousands of TV advertising opportunities available here.

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