84 Lumber Wins the Super Bowl in Paid Search Advertising

The game itself may have been a nail-biter, but the Super Bowl was a blow-out in terms of paid search advertising. Building supplies retailer 84 Lumber garnered 58.7% of all U.S. Google desktop text ad clicks on 154 Super Bowl-related keywords on Super Bowl Sunday, according to analysis by AdGooroo.

Super Bowl 2017 Top Advertisers By Paid Search Clicks_AdGooroo
84 Lumber
pulled off the feat by airing a provocative Super Bowl television ad that seemed to play on the current U.S.-Mexico border controversy and then directed TV viewers to “see the conclusion at journey84.com”.  (So many did, apparently, that the site became overloaded and was temporarily down.) Interestingly, 84 Lumber did not use the national attention to sell products but to recruit new employees. Its paid search ads included messaging and links encouraging people to learn about the company and “Contact a Recruiter”.

 Super Bowl 2017 84 Lumber Ad

Many other advertisers who aired a TV commercial during the Super Bowl did not run paid search campaigns to drive traffic to their respective sites but instead partnered with YouTube to promote viewership of their TV spots. Those include T-Mobile, Tide and Budweiser. YouTube.com generated a 17.8% click share on the 154 Super Bowl keywords on Super Bowl Sunday.
Other Super Bowl TV sponsors also used paid search to drive consumers to their own sites on game day. Michelob ULTRA had 6.6% click share, while Coca-Cola’s site coca-colacompany.com had a 4.8% click share and Avocados From Mexico had a .07% click share. (Coca-Cola actually partnered with YouTube as well -- as shown in the image above.)

Top keywords during the game included ‘super bowl commercials’, ‘super bowl recipes’, ‘nfl super bowl’ and ‘super bowl food’.  The emphasis on food and recipes among the Super Bowl keyword group accounted for the presence of advertisers such as Hidden Valley, Walmart (wmgametimewings.com), Old El Paso and Pillsbury, as well as food delivery service Uber Eats, although only Hidden Valley and Uber Eats experienced a click share above 2% on Super Bowl Sunday.

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