Apple, Verizon & T-Mobile Lead Paid Search Advertising for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Heading into the holiday season, AdGooroo has analyzed the paid search marketplace for Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X models. To do so, we examined U.S. Google desktop text ad and product listing ad clicks on 5 related keywords from September 22 (the day the new iPhone 8 models were released) through November 9 (the iPhone X was released on the 3rd of the month). The keywords we studied are ‘iphone 8’, ‘iphone 8 plus’ and ‘iphone x’ as well as the variations ‘iphone8’ and ‘iphonex’.

Not surprisingly, Apple was the top paid search advertiser on its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and $999 premium iPhone X, gaining 38% of all text ad clicks and 45.5% of all product listing ad clicks on the iPhone 8 and X keywords during the period.

iphone paid search

Mobile service providers were the next most prominent advertisers on iPhone 8 and X keywords, led by Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. Verizon generated a 21.3% click share for text ads and a 16% click share for product listing ads, while T-Mobile gained 7.9% text ad click share and an 11.9% PLA click share.

Within text ads, mobile service providers together actually gained more clicks than Apple, accounting for some 40% of clicks on the iPhone 8 and X keywords during the period. In addition to Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, Sprint was second among telecoms for text ads with an 11.5% click share, followed by Xfinity (7.9% click share) and AT&T (2.9% click share).

iphone paid search

The field changes somewhat in product listing ads. While we found 5 telecoms among the top advertisers for text ads, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile were the only two wireless service providers with a share of clicks that surpassed 1% in PLAs during the period, likely giving them a significant advantage of their competitors that focused more on text ads.

Retailers made up the majority of remaining PLA clicks on iPhone 8 and iPhone X keywords, including eBay with a 7.5% click share, Best Buy (4.5% click share), Walmart (3.5% click share) and Newegg (3.1% click share).

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