Eye Care Advertising and Paid Search

Back To School shopping conjures up images of new clothes, text books, school supplies and dorm items, but it’s also a time when parents schedule eye exams and purchase new glasses and contacts for their children ahead of the new school year.

On the cusp of the Back To School season, AdGooroo examined the Eye Care industry in paid search for the first half of the year. In total, Eye Care advertisers spent more than $30 million on U.S. Google paid search desktop text ads in the first six months of 2015, sponsoring more than 5,300 keywords at an average clickthrough rate of 5.16% and an average cost per click of $1.79. (Mobile search and product listing ads were not included.)

Back To School Eye Care Ads July 28, 2015

Two Back To School-themed Eye Care ads found on U.S. Google, July 28, 2015

Breaking it down further, we looked at paid search activity on the top 637 keywords related to eye exams, glasses and contacts based on paid search activity. (Keywords related to eye diseases, laser surgery and non-prescription sunglasses were not included.)

All told, the top 637 eye exam, glasses and contacts keywords generated more than $21 million in paid search spend in the first half of 2015, accounting for 70% of the total $30 million in paid search spend on all Eye Care keywords during the period.

Top Eye Care Advertisers

Overall, the Top 20 Eye Care advertisers in Paid Search are representative of the industry as a whole—a mix of online-only Eye Care companies, multichannel Eye Care players with both physical and online stores, and major mass retailers.

Eye Care Top 20 Advertisers

Online-only prescription eyewear providers make up the majority of the Top 20 ranking, accounting for 13 positions in the list, including the Top 5. VisionDirect.com led all advertisers with $1.38 million in spend on the keyword group from January to June, followed closely by Coastal.com with $1.36 million. Lens.com ($1.29 million), 1800Contacts.com ($1.23) and GlassesUSA.com ($958,000) round out the Top 5 advertisers in the ranking.

Interestingly, despite VisionDirect.com and Coastal.com spending nearly the same amount, Coastal.com had a more effective campaign during the period, gaining over 6.4 million more impressions and 144,000 more clicks than VisionDirect.com at a lower cost per click ($2.51 vs. $3.52).

Multichannel Eye Care companies in the ranking include America’s Best ($612,000), Warby Parker ($492,000) LensCrafters ($474,000) and Visionworks ($251,000). Mass retailers in the ranking are represented by Walgreens ($957,000) and two Walmart sites (totaling $491,000).

Top Eye Care Keywords

The following is a Top 20 ranking of Eye Care keywords based on Paid Search ad spend. The ranking is composed primarily of generic terms such as ‘contact lenses’, ‘eyeglasses’ and ‘cheap glasses’, suggesting consumers in the market for Eye Care services and products are not particularly brand sensitive.  Only four brand terms, in fact, made the ranking, including two providers (‘lenscrafters’, ‘warby parker’) and two product brands (‘acuvue oasys’, ‘bausch and lomb’).

Eye Care Top 20 Keywords

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