Paid Search Advertising for Perfume on Amazon and Google This Mother’s Day

In the build-up to Mother’s Day, Kantar Media analyzed paid search advertising for perfume on both and Google over the past month.

Versace the Most Visible Perfume Brand on 

For Amazon, we looked how brands fared in the site's search results for perfume. Specifically, we used Kantar Media’s Brand Visibility Score to assess perfume brands’ visibility on Amazon search results pages when consumers searched 12 unbranded perfume-related keywords between April 7 through May 7, including ‘perfumes for women’, ‘perfume’ and ‘womens perfume’.

Versace led all perfume brands in visibility during the month, gaining a Brand Visibility Score of 21 out of 100, followed by Davidoff (10 out of 100), Vera Wang (6 out of 100), Marc Jacobs (4 out of 100) and GUESS (4 out of 100).

A feature of Kantar Media’s eCommerce Search Ad Insight solution, Brand Visibility Score is based on analysis of both observed and modeled search advertising data for a given brand on, including the percent of time the brand’s listings are found in the top 3 positions as well as on the first search results page (up to the first 40 positions), and the average position of the brand’s listings found on the first search results page (again, up to the first 40 positions).

Notably, Versace and five other perfume brands in the top 10 did not sponsor listings on during the period. (This may mean that the brands already have strong organic performance on the non-branded perfume keywords and don’t feel a need to sponsor additional listings. At the same time, it is also possible that resellers are boosting brands’ organic listings.)

Instead, Versace led in brand visibility based primarily on the fact that a significant volume of organic listings for Versace perfumes appeared in the top 3 positions on the search results page 28% of the time when shoppers searched the non-branded perfume keywords we studied. Further, organic listings for Versace perfume appeared 20% of the time in the top 40 positions on the first results page.

Out of the brands that did sponsor ads, Vera Wang fared best, earning its 6 of 100 Brand Visibility Score based largely on its 173 sponsored listings and 1,639 organic listings appearing 5% of the time in the top 3 positions and 9% of the time on the first results page.

Overall, the relatively low scores among the brands in the study is relatively common for non-branded keywords, while brands are more likely to achieve a high score for their own branded keywords. On the keyword ‘versace perfume’, for instance, Versace gained a Brand Visibility Score of 100 during the period.

Specialty Retailers Lead Google Text Ads

For Google, we looked at a different aspect of paid search: click share. Specifically, we examined both desktop text ad and product listing ad (PLA) activity on 11 non-branded keywords, including ‘perfume’, ‘perfumes for women' and ‘perfume gift sets’, focusing on advertisers’ share of total clicks on the keyword group from April 7 through May 6, 2018.

Within text ad search, we saw a lop-sided affair, with two online specialty retailers gaining 62% of all clicks on the keyword group during period; led the field with a 36.1% click shae, while gained a 25.9% click share. Both retailers specialize in name-brand fragrances at a discount.

Luxury brand Dior ranked third with a 10.6% click share on the non-branded keywords. Two other perfume brands were among the top advertisers on the keyword group as well: L’Oreal’s Lancôme (1.6% click share) and natural perfume maker Skylar (1.1% click share).

Rounding out the top five among desktop search advertisers were Saks Fifth Avenue and Ulta, which generated a 5.6% and 4.3% share of clicks, respectively.

Macy's Tops PLA's on Google

Clicks on the perfume keyword group were better portioned out within Google desktop product listing ads than text ads, although there were still some clear winners.

Macy’s bested all other advertisers in PLA clicks, gaining a 14.3% click share over the 30-day period. In the second position is with a 10.6% PLA click share, followed by Walmart (7.9% click share), (7.2% click share) and Ulta (6.5% click share).

Notably,, Ulta and Dior all appeared among the top 10 advertisers for both text ad and product listing ad clicks.



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